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- You can get it Customized i.e. 

        - Shape of Biscuit Cone/Cup

        - Name on Biscuits

        - Number of Molds (Minimum 6 Maximum 150 Cones/Cup Per Machine)

Sample Shapes of Ice Cream Cones you can have in Machine:

Note: You can also have any other shape too in Biscuit Baking Machine Additionally you can also have more then One (1) Up to Four (4) Shapes in a Single Machine.




- Material / Flour Mixer (Automatic)

- Flour Tank Filler (Automatic)

- Material Feeding Machine (Automatic)

- Electronic Panel (Automatic)

- Waste Cutter (Automatic)

Working Flow of Fully Automatic Cone/Cup

Baking Machine:

    - Automatic Filling of Material Tank

    - Automatic Filling of Dye Molds

    - Automatic Steaming Pumps

    - Automatic Waste Cutting

    - Automatic Biscuits Unloading

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Pink Sugar

Sultani Enterprises has got your back with a magnificent quality cone biscuit machine in Lahore, Pakistan. We manufacture and design cone biscuit machines to meet your needs and requirements at different levels. We are a team of experts that identify market needs and target customers accordingly. 

Our customers belong to a reputed background in Lahore, Pakistan and showed trust in our machines when it comes to making delicious ice cream and cookies. No matter if you are searching for a manual cone baking machine or an automatic, we’ve got you covered with exciting models that can increase your earnings. 

If you are interested in maximizing your profit, you can buy our top-notch machines available in good condition. Our machines offer a wide variety of biscuit and waffle shapes that can excite your customers when they pay up to their desires.

Looking at the needs and demands of customers, we keep in mind the taste and choice of ice cream lovers, whereas we manufacture machines that can offer beautiful waffle shapes to grab the attention of dessert lovers. We also make designs that can help you print names on them, so get ready for some exceptional quality machines that can deliver you cookies and waffles of your favorite shapes and styles.

Our team of specialists knows how to capture the interest of the market, so we love creating cone biscuit machines that can cover up to 150 cones at a time. Isn’t it a game-changing factor to accelerate your business revenue? Yes, it is a piece of game-changing equipment that can surprise your competitors.

If you are in search of a durable quality cone biscuit machine in Lahore, Pakistan Sultani Enterprises is there to deliver you advanced-level cone machines that come up with a great touch of technology. Let’s connect with us to get the best cone machines to accelerate your business revenue!

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